Building Bridges: US Chamber Foundation cites Metro Atlanta Chamber's Work in Early Childhood Education

December 5, 2019

Georgia is stepping up to build partnerships between businesses and non-profits in a thoughtful, research-based approach with real policy solutions to a major workforce problem: access and availability of high-quality, affordable child care.

The Metro Atlanta Chamber is leading the way on early childhood education. In combination with our partner GEEARS, the Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students, MAC continues to help build a wealth of data and knowledge in how parents' problems in securing high-quality, affordable child care is greatly impacting Georgia's workforce and has far-reaching implications to state revenue, workforce development, and the peace of mind of Georgia's parents.

Over the past two years, GEEARS and MAC began publishing a series of reports starting with Opportunities Lost and continuing this year with Advancing Opportunities. Supported by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation's Center for Education & Workforce, this ongoing effort takes a deep look at the economic impact of problems with child care, and offers a variety of policy improvements for state policymakers, institutions of higher educaiton, and employers. 

This body of work, and particularly the partnership that fosters it, is part of the new toolkit for business leaders launched by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation. The report is called Building Bridges: Creating Strong Partnerships for Early Childhood Education. In addition to highlighting a "how-to" for business leaders and potential partners wanting to engage in early childhood education, the kit also provides real-world examples from chambers and non-profits around the country who are building exemplary partnerships to tackle this complex problem with practical, impactful solutions. Metro Atlanta Chamber is proud to be included in this cohort of chambers doing fantastic work. 

Download the toolkit today, and keep watch here and at as we work to support a strong, two-generation strategy that helps build a better, more sustainable workforce for our region's parents and their children.