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March 25, 2021

Metro Atlanta Chamber Statement on SB202

The following statement from the Metro Atlanta Chamber on the passage of elections bills by the Georgia General Assembly can be attributed to Katie Kirkpatrick, President & CEO of the Metro Atlanta Chamber.

“Over the past several months, among heated debates and divided opinions, the Metro Atlanta Chamber has engaged with members of the Georgia General Assembly in both parties clearly stating our values when it comes to elections: our state and local governments should do everything possible to maximize voter participation and increase accessibility in our elections, while working to ensure election integrity. 

“The final version of SB 202 expands weekend voting, puts drop boxes into law for the first time, preserves no excuses absentee voting, requires poll watcher training, and allows poll workers to work across county lines. In addition, as a result of the conversation on elections, the state committed to providing a free state ID to all Georgians.

“Still, concerns remain in our region and across the state with aspects of SB 202.  We will carefully monitor this legislation’s implementation, and we will lend our voice to help ensure that every eligible Georgia voter – regardless of political views, race or background – can engage in our voting process.”

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