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December 4, 2020

Metro Atlanta Chamber Statement on November Election Results

The following statement is attributable to Katie Kirkpatrick, the Metro Atlanta Chamber's President & CEO:

November 3 marked another pivotal election day where Americans and Georgians enthusiastically participated in the democratic process to elect leaders who represent our views and values. In this moment, accepting the result of the people's vote and turning our energy to what is best for our nation, state and region should be our focus. However, we are watching rhetoric escalate to threats against election officials, poll workers and even their families. Violence and intimidation have no place in our community or our society and go against the spirit of our residents and our business community, which is known for embracing our differences as evidence of inclusive thought and strength. 

We are proud of the significant investment of resources and energy poured into improving our voting process with secure technology, recruiting new poll workers, purchasing additional absentee ballot drop boxes and encouraging employees to vote, while making the voting process as easy, safe and secure as possible. We must celebrate this progress and acknowledge that repeated examinations of our voting system have all rendered the same conclusion: Georgia’s elections are secure and there is no evidence of systemic election irregularities or fraud. 

Looking ahead, our business community’s message to our workforce and neighbors is clear: civic engagement must not end on November 3. We each have another opportunity to raise our voices by participating in the January 5 runoff elections and remaining engaged in our civic process. And, most importantly, we must stay focused and united to find a common path to restoring public health so we can rebuild our economy for all Georgians.



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