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March 5, 2021

Metro Atlanta Chamber Statement on Elections Legislation

The following statement from the Metro Atlanta Chamber on elections bills under consideration by the Georgia General Assembly can be attributed to Dave Williams, SVP Public Policy of the Metro Atlanta Chamber.

“Broad voter participation, equal access to the polls, and fair, secure elections processes are critical to voter confidence and contribute to a business environment that fosters growth and vitality. We continue to work closely with members of the Georgia General Assembly to help facilitate a balanced approach to the elections bills that have been introduced this session. We are carefully evaluating the impact the bills would have on equitable access to the polls and elections integrity in our state. 

“As we assess specific elections legislation, we will continue to rely on our core values related to elections:  

We believe Georgia’s elections process should be fair, secure, accurate, and equally accessible to all eligible Georgia voters.

We believe our state and local governments should do everything possible to maximize voter participation and minimize unnecessary obstacles in our elections, while working to ensure election integrity.

We are committed to voter education and broad engagement in the electoral process. Our past actions have demonstrated this commitment; our future actions will do the same."

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