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July 30, 2018

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leadership Council Hosts Thought Leaders on Cybersecurity


The Metro Atlanta Chamber recently hosted the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leadership Council meeting in collaboration with Secureworks for a discussion on “Cybersecurity in the Voice Economy.” The panel consisted of Secureworks Director of Incident Response Consulting Jason Schafferman, Atlanta Cyber Week Founder Justin Daniels, and Pindrop Security Compliance and IT Vice President Steve Dotson.

All businesses in all industries use computers in today’s world, and phishing has become the number one form of cyberattack. Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending deceptive emails to lure individuals into revealing personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

“All businesses and employees need to have a healthy sense of skepticism to avoid becoming victims of phishing attempts,” Daniels said.

Because phishing attacks rely on human error, Daniels says that cybersecurity is a people problem and not an IT problem.

“The leadership of a company must understand that cyberattacks are a business-wide risk and make sure that the right controls are in place.”

For Schafferman, one of the ways that companies and employees can reduce vulnerability is by making sure that employee training is in place.

“Making sure that the employees are knowledgeable and aware of how to avoid attacks is key,” Schafferman said.

Dotson spoke about one of the steps companies can take if they fall victim to a cyberattack: to make sure that they have a plan in place for the future and to back up all information.

“There are a lot of incidents in the news of companies that have dealt with cyberattacks. You can learn from their example.” Dotson also mentioned that having a partner company that can check for vulnerabilities is helpful.

As more people are beginning to use technology in their homes, the panel also addressed vulnerabilities associated with smart devices and smart homes.

“Even without hacking, people can use those kinds of devices for revenge. That’s just one of the consequences of innovation,” Daniels said. “Making sure that your accounts are secure is the key to enjoying such devices. All of your personal accounts should have a multi-factor authentication to make it harder for them to be hacked. Until bank accounts are drained, or identities are stolen, people will continue to view cyberattacks as hypothetical situations.”

In response to the future of cybersecurity, Dotson had this to say:

“If we don’t come up with market-based solutions, we will end up with government regulations.”

The council meeting concluded with a demonstration of Pindrop’s voice recognition technology from Sarosh Shabuddin, group product manager of Pindrop. Shabuddin demonstrated how voice recognition technology provides a higher level of security than passwords and other forms of authentication by using his voice to unlock information about his bitcoin accounts. Pindrop is a Backed by ATL company – a Metro Atlanta Chamber program fueling economic impact for metro Atlanta by harnessing the region’s capabilities to accelerate the growth of middle-market, scaling companies through customized assistance.

For more information on the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leadership Council, please email Sarah Hudnall

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