With stellar public schools and more than 66 colleges and universities, metro Atlanta offers a trained, skilled workforce for the companies of the 21st century.

As companies negotiate a changing business landscape, they need to have a labor pool that is skilled and flexible as well. The metro Atlanta region – typically ranked among the top five for best cities for college graduates - provides such a workforce, with a burgeoning market of talented, top-rated employees. Corporations seeking skilled workers enjoy a region that features:

  • Sixty-six colleges and universities, and  more than 275,000 students.
  • Seven technical colleges, and more than 60,000 students.
  • Georgia Department of Labor workforce training programs that have garnered national acclaim.

In addition, the State of Georgia and its local municipalities believe in developing a well-educated labor pool, offering such incentives as:

  • The HOPE Scholarship, which offers tuition reimbursement and grants for higher education
  • Go Build Georgia
  • Complete College Georgia
  • Georgia QuickStart
  • ICAPP (Intellectual Capital Partnership Program)
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