Metro Atlanta’s strength in bioscience comes from a combination of available assets, ranging from a strong pool of talent to university and clinical research to associations dedicated to supporting the region’s growth.

Here are a few reasons why metro Atlanta is so attractive for relocating and growing companies.

  • Bioscience research conducted at the region’s world class universities creates new companies and jobs, while developing the talent needed to grow the industry.
  • A high quality of life and robust economy have made metro Atlanta a top relocation destination.
  • Leadership in supply chain and telecommunications infrastructure has made the region a prime location for reaching the global marketplace.
  • With the support of a pro-business climate, metro Atlanta has become a national leader for entrepreneurship, forming an ideal environment for the growth of the bioscience industry.

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Kornelius Bankston

Director of Bioscience, Industry Expansion

Kornelius Bankston serves as Director of Bioscience for the Economic Development Industry Expansion Team at the Metro Atlanta Chamber. Read More