Working to protect and sustain our natural resources, and promote responsible, smart growth.

MAC works with local, state and federal policy makers to address regional environmental issues such as water supply, air quality, clean tech, energy and land use.  We have a rich history of bringing together major stakeholders to tackle difficult problems such as water.

MAC’s Role
MAC has a rich history of bringing together major stakeholders to tackle difficult problems. 

Over the past 15 years, MAC has helped establish the Clean Air Campaign, Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District and the Livable Communities Coalition.

From the Clean Water Initiative in 2000, to the formation of the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District, the nation’s first multi-jurisdictional water planning entity, MAC has been a driving force on the water issue.

MAC was a co-lead on Gov. Perdue’s 2010 Water Contingency Planning Task Force, which was convened to address the draconian impact of Judge Magnuson’s ruling. As a direct result, Georgia passed the Water Stewardship Act of 2010 establishing metro Atlanta and Georgia as a leader in water conservation and efficiency.

MAC advocated for passage of the 2011 Public Private Partnership Act for Water Infrastructure, enabling local governments to leverage public dollars with private investment for critical water supply projects.

Clean Tech
In 2011, MAC convened a task force of business leaders and community partners to identify sustainability-related economic development opportunities in metro Atlanta.

Read the final report here.

MAC was instrumental in the creation of the Clean Air Campaign - a public/private partnership responsible for administering federal funds to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality. Through the Clean Air Campaign, outreach staff work with area employers to design and implement carpool, vanpool, transit passes, teleworking and other programs that not only reduce congestion and improve air quality, but also save time and promote greater productivity and boost employee morale.

Quality Growth
MAC’s Quality Growth Task Force was created in 2003 as a public-private venture on growth strategies to successfully accommodate the next 2.3 million people moving to metro Atlanta.

Formed in 2005 to implement the task force's recommendations, the Livable Communities Coalition (LCC) worked to improve the quality of life in metropolitan Atlanta by sharing and promoting smart growth principles and policies. In 2013, LCC became part of ULI-Atlanta and its name changed to the Livable Communities Council.

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